American Express OPEN Forum

American Express OPEN Forum is a well-established publication site with over 17,000 members. It features social networking and educational components dedicated to helping small businesses succeed.

By tracking user behaviors on the site, we found that visitors tended to enter the site through external links to articles and then leave the site without browsing other content. One of our main goals was to increase engagement and time spent on site so we focused on developing a robust tagging system that embraced an organic, intelligent, flexible and user-centric navigational system. Addressing navigational and structural changes allowed us to establish a solid foundation upon which all future functionality can be built upon. Working in an agile development process we also added in new features, widgets, and resources to attract and maintain members.


Ecosystem Before

Ecosystem After






My Role

Served as one of the lead experience designers from conceptual studies and strategy through launch of the complete redesign. Working in an agile development process developed IA and wireframes, then oversaw visual design and development. In addition to designing components of the site myself, I also managed the work of 2-3 other UX designers.