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Movie Mode is an exclusive first-of-its-kind mobile application designed to transform the way moviegoers engage and interact with the films they enjoy. It was available as a free download on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile platforms. Movie Mode was created as part of an exclusive collaboration with Universal Pictures and tied to the July 9, 2010 release of Despicable Me.

The app uses patented technology to provide enhanced content to movie lovers during both the theatrical and DVD viewing experience. A phone in Movie Mode automatically dims the mobile screen, silences the ringer and discourages texting to ensure audiences have a positive movie-going experience.


How it works





Just over a week after Despicable Me hit theaters, Movie Mode had  a total of 247,643 downloads and saw a 90% completion rate.



Creativity Online – June 07, 2010
FWA Mobile of the Day – October 19, 2010
Communication Arts 2011 Interactive Annual Entertainment Winner



Movie Mode and Content Awarding System and Method - March 15, 2012


My Role


Served as the lead experience designer from conceptual studies through launch of the app in theaters. Developed IA and wireframes, then oversaw visual design and development.